perl(Error) is needed by git

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While installing git to a Centos box with manually downloaded rpm packages, you could get “perl(Error) is needed by git” error. When I first saw this message i thought that the perl is not installed on the system. But it was not the reason. Then i have found out that there exists a package called perl-Error which is an another dependency for the git package.

After installing the perl-Error rpm, problem is solved!

Some messages could cause miss understanding and make you busy with unnecessary research. :)

Switch to Text Mode Location Bar @ Nautilus Ubuntu 11.04 Natty

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I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 yesterday, it seems cool except being hard to personalize the GUI.

Using Text Mode Location Bar was disabled like the previous releases but i was able to enable it from preferences. Natty has no option for that. By knowing that in linux there is always an alternative way to solve such problems i have started search the solution for this and i have end up with the following command which permanently enables the text mode location bar for nautilus:

$ gconftool-2 --type=Boolean --set /apps/nautilus/preferences/always_use_location_entry true

The command changes /apps/nautilus/preferences/always_use_location_entry boolean parameter to be true where nautilus checks whether to always use the location bar in text mode. It’s also possible to switch location bar to text mode for the instance with the shortcut CTRL+L but when the directory changes it returns to its default.

I was uncomfortable with the default configuration but if somehow someone gets lock with text mode location bar and don’t like it to be so the parameter could be set to false with the following command:

$ gconftool-2 --type=Boolean --set /apps/nautilus/preferences/always_use_location_entry false

My Blog was Under Attack – Blogum Saldırı Alıyordu

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My blog was being illegally attacked(DDos) continuously and the source of the attack couldn’t be tracked by my hosting company(in fact it’s always like this when DDos attacks exists). That’s why it was not accessible for about one and half week. I don’t want to blame anyone but we will see after the purpose of attacker got clear.

Blogum yasadışı olarak devamlış şekilde saldırı(DDos) altındaydı ve saldırının kaynağı hosting şirketim tarafından takip edilemedi(işin aslı DDos atakları söz konusu olduğunda durum hep böyle oluyor). Bu yüzden yaklaşık bir buçuk haftadır blogum erişilebilir değildi. Kimseyi suçlamak istemiyorum ama saldırıyı gerçekleştirenin amacı açığa çıktığında göreceğiz.

Greasemonkey Script to Send Friendship Request to All Users

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This year there were a very nice innovation about downloading and sharing files which called and it drive people – including me – crazy starting from its beta version. People are trying to get beta user invitations and I was one of the lucky ones and i have been able to get invitations about 20 which i have given them to my friends. In the beta period have given plenty of storage and bandwidth to the users and it was fun to see how fast it’s downloading. Then it turned into a paid service i prefer not to pay the Premium or Pro plans of it. Thus with the basic plan the storage supplied became 10Gigs in my case where i should delete files to download new ones which means the deleted files could not be shared with my friends in

Besides to these crew supported to share files and search before downloading which saves storage and time and it’s really logical. But search functionality is only between your friends and as gets bigger the number of users increased dramatically. So sending invitations to users became a very time work to do. As a programmer I just simply write a javascript line to send friendship request to all users and run it from the address bar of the browser. But it was at earlier stage.

Some time ago i have mentioned what i have done to a very precious friend of mine and he advised me to prepare a GreaseMonkey(GM) script for it. Then i have prepared a GM script to send request to all users instead of doing it manually. In fact 2 weeks ago this script was ready and i have twitted about it but i couldn’t be able to publish it.

The script could be found in the following url which is a github repository:

I will try to give an installation instruction, but its just available only for geek people who knows how to use GreaseMonkey. Your feedbacks will be appreciated.

Perfect Customer Satisfaction – Logitech

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I while ago i have bought a Logitech MX 1100 mouse, and i have mentioned that in my blog. It is an amazing product but not perfect. I had problem with my mouses hyper-fast scrolling feature. There existed a friction and that friction causes the wheel to not scroll.

I have submitted my problem to Logitech Customer Care and they have responded me and let me emphasize my problem. I have specified my problem clearly so convincing agents were very fast and easy. I didn’t think that there could exist a replacement process. But it was what happened. The new product was shipped via UPS and i have received it in two days (Netherlands-Turkey).

The replacement took place a month ago but i had the chance of writing post about it.

TTNet Destek ve Fatura

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Kasım ayından beri, Doping Adsl ile yaşadığım bir talihsizlikten sonra, ttnet adsl abonesi oldum ve halen kullanmaktayım. Abone olurken bana verilen formda mail adresimi verdim. Bana faturamın ilk iki ay basılı ve mail ile geleceğini söylediler, ardından sadece mail ile gelecekti. Tabi düne kadar bana fatura gönderilmedi. Faturaları kendim takib etmek zorunda kaldım ve son ödeme tarihini kaçırdığım zamanlar oldu.

Bu nedenle Ocak ve Şubat aylarında faturamın gelmediğini ttnet çağrı merkezine bildirdim ve isteklerimle ilgili işlemlerin yapıldığı bana söylendi. Ama bu ay da faturam gelmeyince canıma tak etti ve çağrı merkezini aramak yerine twitter üzerinden bir twit ttnetdestek kullanıcısına şikayetimi bildirdim. Benden cep telefonumu istediler ve akşam aradılar. Bu aramanın sonunda işimi gördüler. İlk defa bir fatura mail olarak geldi.

Sonuç olarak işimi halettiler. Bu beni memnun etmeli mi yoksa 1Mbps internet bağlantısı için onca para vermeme rağmen aksine 5 ayda ilk faturamı aldığım için rencide mi olmalıyım. İşin aslı ben rencide olmuş gibi hissediyorum. TTNet’in aldığı ücret ile verdiği hizmet arasında çelişki bulunmakta. Zira insan çağrı merkezine problemini anlatıp, işleminiz tamam denilmesine rağmen herhangi bir değişiklik olmayınca kendini salak yerine koyulmuş hissediyor.

Heralde TTNet yerine yukarıda bahsettiğim talihsizliği yaşamasaydım ve Doping Adsl abonesi olsaydım bu tip basit problemler yaşamamazdım.

Why I’ve Written My Latest Posts in English

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If I wanted to be tagged as I tag my posts, two of the tags would possibly be antisocial and technical. This is what I wanted to be and how my destiny and nature drives me. Mostly destiny drives me this way because I don’t think that I know myself to define nature clearly (besides by mentioning about the destiny, this paragraph includes a confession of being religious).

The tag-able characteristics of mine are common for the majority of the programmers. Because becoming a computer nerd needs a bohemian lifestyle which kills the social life. For my case the situation a little different. Before I had an obsession of becoming a computer nerd (in fact I had that obsession since elementary school but I have no chance to take action), I had no social life. So the lifestyle mentioned didn’t have to kill the non exist social life, it just killed the possibility having one.

If someone has reached here before being bored will say “What the hell! There is no relationship between the tittle and context.” So it is time to tidy the mess up! For couples of week I have been investigating the statistics of visitor to my blog. And I have end up with a conclusion that my site is visited by visitors who have searched social keywords in Turkish. This is result of mostly blogging in Turkish and the Turkish users are not interested in technical issues mostly. Even I myself search the technical stuff in English. Since I have mentioned about being antisocial and technical, I don’t generally write about social stuff unless I have some extra-ordinary moments or had a feeling that forces me to write.

Actually my writings are invaluable but, if it wouldn’t be found by searching from google, it is much more invaluable. Some of the reasons that the latest posts are written in English are getting visitors from google, being useful to mankind, the desire of being famous :D , doing some practice of English and etc.

In my future posts i will use English on my site and after a while i will be editing the categories for that purpose. Of course the local stuff will be written in Turkish…

Kind Regards,

Sennheiser MX 360 – Feel the Beat!

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Sennheiser MX 360I was intended to buy an earphones because I didn’t have a good quality earphones about 2 months. I decided to buy one of MX series of Sennheiser with help of a friend of mine. He let me try his MX 160 earphone. I like its quality and the resolution of the sound.

I made some research about the best price. Darty seems to provide best price. But i didn’t find its site assuring to give my credit card information. Then i have gone to Media Markt to check the prices. But it was more expensive than Darty. They have the claim of best price that says if you find better price in İstanbul so we give the double of difference. According to their claim I wanted to buy the product to same price as Darty. They just said internet sites are not proof for better price, the proof needed to be an insert or printed advertisement.

Sennheiser MX 360 BackThe reason why i wanted to buy from Media Markt was that i was near to Media Markt and there is no Darty located on my daily route. Their rejection irritated me so i just didn’t wanna buy it from there.

Then today, i have gone to Kadıköy, and after a little bargain with the seller, i have bought the earphones with the same price as Dart offers from a small techno-market .

I have been testing my earphones for couple of hours, it work like a charm, but my notebooks sound card is not enough to feed it. It causes a little lack of sound quality. When i use sound based devices like mp3 player, it works more efficiently.

PS: If you are going to buy it please be careful about buying the original one. Imitations may bother you. In Turkey product should have Metan bandrole on the box.

Kafes Oyunu

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KafesDün çok kıymetli Nadir kardeşimin(/abim) isteği üzerine tiyatroya gittik. Oyunun adı “Kafes”ti. Oyunun konusu hakkında bir bilgi veya bir metin yoktu, dolayısıyla konu hakkında hiçbir fikrimiz yoktu. Kafamız boş olarak girdik salona ve başladık izlemeye.

İlk araya kadar benim tarzım değil dedim, zira oyun karamsar bir tablo çiziyordu. Kendisini kafese kapamış, okumak ve etrafındakilere kafa tutmaktan başka bir iş yapmaka, psikolojik problemli bir karaktere sahip olan Christiano etrafında dönüyordu. Tiyatronun başında Christiano’nun nasıl bir ruh hali içinde olduğunu anlatıldı. Sonrasında neden kafese kapandığı ve etrafındakilerin onu oradan çıkarmak için çabaları ve bu çabalara tepkisi. Ardından abisinin karısı ile uygunsuz bir yakınlaşma yaşaması ve annesine yakalanmaları ve bazı teferruatlardan sonra da abisini öldürmesi ile oyun sona erdi.

Christiano pozitif herşeyi silmiş, bir yazarın bütün kitap öykülerini ezberlemiş ve bütün yargılarını bu kitaplara dayanarak çıkartmakta. Hiçbir insana güvenmiyor ve tiyatro sonunda da yazar Christiano’yu güvenmemekte haklı çıkarmış.

Benim oyundan gözüme çarpan bazı noktalar şunlar: Çarpık aile yapısı, Katolik dininin* bol bol eleştirilmesi, hayatın çok karamasar yansıtılması ve aşkın** çok önemli olduğunu söylemeri ancak bunun tersini insanların gözlerine sokmak isteyen bir son sahne.

Kendi değerlendirmeme gelecek olursak, ben bu tarz tiyatro, film, v.s. izlenmemesi gerektiğini düşünüyorum. Çünkü bu tarz buhranlı senaryolar ister istemez insanın hayatına da yansıyor. Zaten günden güne azalan pozitif enerjimizi götürmekle kalmıyor negatif yönde katkıda buluyor. Aklıma bir aralar izlemek hatasını yaptığım see inside filmini hatırlatıyor. Ne sefalet, yoksulluk, sıkıntı anlatıyorsa anlatsın içinde ümit olmalı. Bu oyunda ümit vardı ama ihanetle dumura uğrayan bir ümit. Tabi senaryonun güzel bağlandığını inkar edersem yalan söylemiş olurum. Ustaca dikkatler bir yerde toplanıyor ve tam başka birşey beklerken ummayacağınız birşey oluyor. İşte o anda olay kopuyor…

* Katoliklik bir meshepten çok din olarak görünmekte olduğu için bu ifadeyi kullandım.
** Genel yanılgı olan şehvet ve aşkın birbirine karıştırılması da söz konusuydu.

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